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Dentist Approved - New Breakthrough in Zero Sensitivity Teeth Whitening Formulas

Introducing the natural 20 minute treatment that can remove stains and give you a healthier, more confident smile WITHOUT any irritation or side effects

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Are you tired of yellow, stained teeth making you look older and sapping away your confidence?

Would you like to be able to impress everyone with naturally bright white, stain-free teeth?

You are in the right place as we specialize in giving you irresistibly white teeth without the need for expensive dental treatment and without using any nasty chemicals.

In fact, Zero Peroxide is so good it is one of the only home teeth whitening kits actually recommended by dentists.

Best of all we offer you all of this at a fraction of the cost that your local cosmetic dentist charges and we even give you a full money-back guarantee so you can buy in complete confidence.

Zero Peroxide Gives You:

Why put up with a anything less than glamorous when you could have your very own 'celebrity smile' and regain that natural, healthy look that you have been longing for all these years. A whiter smile will not only help you get your confidence back but it will help you gain a younger, more youthful appearance.

Zero Peroxide gives you a safe, natural and cost effective solution to gaining that killer smile without needing to visit your dentist. Why wait when the smile you have always wanted is just a few clicks away.......

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Meet The People Like You Who Have Already Gained Their Perfect Smile with Zero Peroxide.....

Video Testimonial: Sally, Florida, USA

Photo Testimonial: Sam, Norwich, UK

Written Testimonial: J. Robinson, Edinburgh, UK

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“I would recommend the Zero Peroxide kit for patients that are concerned with possible sensitivity that can be associated with teeth whitening. Zero Peroxide whitening trays take pride in no sensitivity associated with their use. They also work faster so that you don’t have the whitening trays as long as other kits. 

You can get the same whitening results using these kits as you would if you went to the dentist…but without the trip to the office or the cost associated with it.

The fluoride inside of Zero Peroxide whitening kits helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent sensitivity. I love that it’s fighting tooth decay right along with your whitening treatment!"

Dental Hygienist: Sharon Boyd, RDH, AAS (TX)
Sharon Boyd has been a Registered Dental Hygienist in the state of Texas since 2001. She has experience in cosmetic, general and pediatric dentistry. Sharon practices dental hygiene part-time alongside partnering with ADA CERP providers, for whom she writes continuing education course content for dental professionals. In her spare time, Sharon is an advocate for non-profit adoption organizations and adoption awareness.

Superior Results - Why Zero Peroxide Is Your Best Choice For Safe, Natural Teeth Whitening

The natural way to healthy teethUntil recently the only take-home teeth whitening kits available contained high doses of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide - this is the same chemical that is used to bleach the colour from hair.

Needless to say this is a very dangerous treatment that can lead to many side effects such as high increased teeth sensitivity and burnt gums.

So much so that such peroxide-based treatments are now BANNED in Europe and it is only a matter of time before the USA and other countries follow suit.

Because Zero Peroxide is a completely peroxide-free formulation is is 100% safe, and therefore 100% legal - even in Europe!

Our unique formulation gives you the superior whitening benefits of sodium bicarbonate and combines it with powerful natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Chamomile and Vitamin D to help produce faster, more noticeable results.

Because we only use safe ingredients, Zero Peroxide will not cause you any irritation or sensitivity, let alone the painful side effects associated with peroxide-based formulas. Put simply, Zero Peroxide is your number one choice for safe and effective at home teeth whitening.

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The New Confident YOU Is Trying To Get Out.....

With the help of Zero Peroxide you can....

This is all possible when you use Zero Peroxide - the worlds safest home teeth whitening system.

Giving You Whiter Teeth And A Younger Looking Smile In As Little As 20 Minutes

When you buy a home teeth whitening kit you want to know you are not only getting a safe and effective solution, you also want one that works quickly too. Zero Peroxide is your best choice for fast teeth whitening because our kit has been specifically developed to give you maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Other kits are still using the outdated 'warm and form' mouth trays which are messy, time-consuming and dangerous (why would you want to put melting rubber in your mouth?).

At Zero Peroxide we do not compromise on quality and do not think you should have to either.

We only use the superior LED comfort mouth trays made from soft and comfortable silicone that are ready to wear straight out of the bag. They are also completely transparent which means they let more of the vital LED light through when using the LED accelerator included in our complete kit. This means Zero Peroxide is able to provide you better results, much more quickly - often within just 20 minutes.

This is just one example of the lengths we go to to ensure Zero Peroxide remains your number one choice for fast, effective and pain-free teeth whitening.

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The Zero Peroxide Difference

We are the only company on the market that give you:

So why wait? You new whiter and younger looking smile is just a few clicks away. The sooner you order, the sooner you will regain that confidence that only a dazzling white smile can provide.

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